Board of Directors

Elected December 7, 2022

Kirby Kwok

Maria Marshall

Eric Washer

Ilana Yamin 

Waihung Ma (Designated by Sponsor)


Officers of the Corporation

The board has appointed officers of the corporation as required by our by-laws as follows:

President - Maria Marshall

Vice Presidents - Waihung Ma, Ilana Yamin

Secretaries - Waihung Ma

Treasurer - Eric Washer

The Sherwood Documents

The House Rules -  establish the rules all residents need to follow. 

The By-Laws, which govern the business of the corporation can be found below

The corporation was established pursuant to the New York Business Corporation Law, the Certificate of Incorporation is found below.  Additionally, below you may find Proprietary Lease and the amendment to Proprietary Lease to extend the original term. 


By-Laws, with Amendments

The By-Laws document was prepared from a scanned photocopy of the original and includes all amendments passed by the board since incorporation in 1985, with footnotes specifying where those amendments may be found in the offering plan.  In case of any inconsistencies or errors in the prepared document, the original By-Laws and Amendments shall prevail.

The original by-laws and amendments were filed with the offering plan, which can be found online from the Office of Attrney General.

Real Estate Finance Bureau Offering Plan Database: Search for Plan C840335, and click on Documents tab

A scanned copy of original without amendments is also included on the right. 


Original scanned copy of By-Laws, not including amendments.


Proprietary Lease

76th Street Proprietary Lease Extension.pdf

Extension of Proprietary Lease Term


Certificate of Incorporation