Garden Rules

Garden Rules

The garden is a place of peace and beauty for the enjoyment of all residents of Montclair Gardens and The Sherwood. Please be mindful when using the space, to ensure we can continue to improve and enjoy it for years to come. The garden is maintained by a small group of volunteers. Out of respect for your neighbors and the hard work of our volunteers, kindly take note of the following rules:


Carry out what you carry in. Leave the space cleaner than you found it

Keep voices and noise to a minimum. Be respectful to our garden facing neighbors. Sound is amplified between the buildings

Accompany and supervise your children under the age of 12. Teach them to appreciate plants and nature

Stay on sidewalks, garden paths, and patio areas

Keep your pets leashed at all times and do not allow them to defecate or urinate in the gardens Return any moved garden furniture to its original place


Run or engage in sports, including ball playing, using scooters or cycling

Pick flowers or step into the garden beds

Feed the pigeons, squirrels, or other animals

Smoke or vape

Grill or build fires of any kind

Water plants or use the hoses or faucets

Paint or do construction of personal/household items