Alteration Forms

Apartment Alterations

Apartment alteration is any work that typically requires a contractor, plumber, electrician, or installer to perform. The most common examples are construction, renovations or repairs involving the kitchen and or bathroom, removing walls or otherwise altering layout, updating plumbing or electrical work. In case of questions please contact the building manager, and the

An alteration may not begin until the shareholder submits four (4) copies of the alteration package consisting of the following:

  1. Signed Alteration Agreement (below)

  2. Scope of Work (Prepared by your contractor or architect)

  3. Plans, Permits, Government approvals (in most cases from NYC Department of Buildings obtained by your architect or engineer). Please note that the DOB form PW1 Plan/Work Application requires the signature of the Coop board. Please contact the board to ensure your application is properly signed.

  4. Copy of an agreement between contractor and shareholder

  5. Contractor Lien Waiver (Sample below)

  6. Building's Engineer Statement if applicable (if work is done that may impact structural components: load-bearing walls, beams, and columns)

  7. Copies of all contractor licenses (General contractor, electrician license, plumber license, etc. ) You may confirm NYC license status here: NYC DOB license search

  8. Certificate of Insurance covering property, liability, and workman's compensation which include language covering the corporation as additionally insured, per Insurance Certificate requirements (below)

  9. A check in the amount of $500.00, will be deposited as security (payable to 35-36 76th Street Owners Corp), then refunded upon completion of work, provided that no damage has been sustained.

  10. In addition, a non-refundable check for $100.00 (payable to MAXX Properties) must accompany this agreement for processing.

A checklist of this list is provided (below)

Alteration Agreement


Lien Waiver

Alteration Agreement Lien Waiver.docx

Insurance Certificate Requirements



Alteration Agreement - Checkoff List.pdf