Refinancing Instructions

To refinance your co-op apartment, you must provide ALL of the following:

  1. Copy of the lien search

  2. Current Mortgage Statement / Copy of the payoff letter from the current mortgage lender

  3. Commitment Letter from the new mortgage lender

  4. Three (3) signed original copies of the Aztech Recognition Agreement

  5. Check for $150.00, payable to Maxx Properties for an administrative fee.

  6. Check for $350.00, payable to the co-op attorney: Cohen, Frankel & Ruggiero, LLP

Co-Op Attorney

Louis J. Ruggiero, Esq.

Cohen, Frankel & Ruggiero, LLP

35-07 90th Street

Jackson Heights, New York 11372

(718) 898-4900 (Queens Office)

Please send these items directly to Sandra Epps at Maxx Properties:

Sandra Epps, Sales Admin

MAXX Properties

600 Mamaroneck Ave, Harrison, NY 10528

Office: (914) 899-8073

Your lender may need the following documents

The co-op Master Insurance certificate, Proprietary Lease and the Extension to the Proprietary Lease